Biroul Notarial Irina Antoniu

Certified copies

List of required documents

Anyone can request a copy of an original document to be certified by a notary, even if the document does not belong to them.

Except for the certified copies of documents that are in the notary’s office archives, which may be issued only to parties, successors, representatives and third parties who can prove a legitimate right or interest.

Copies can be certified only if you have the original or duplicate document. Copies cannot be certified based on simple or certified copies only.

In order to have a copy of a document certified, you need to:

  • Present the original or a duplicate of that document;
  • Fill in the request for the certification (to be filled in at the notary’s office).

Documents that cannot be certified:

  • Court judgments (sentence, decision, etc.);
  • Copies certified for compliance by other entities;
  • Laminated documents;
  • Documents containing corrections, erasures, additions, words crossed out or other particulars, unless they are confirmed by the signature and seal of the issuing authority or, where appropriate, the signature of the parties.