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Frequently asked questions

Our customers usually ask us

Is an appointment necessary in every situation?

If you need notarial services such as certified copies of various documents or the drafting of certain documents, no appointment is necessary, as the procedure is carried out on the spot.

For situations where you want to request the drawing up of contracts or other types of documents, you need to make an appointment, as notarial formalities are complex and may take longer preparation times. To make an appointment, please contact our notary office by phone or send us an e-mail at

Do you also work outside working hours?

In exceptional cases, the team of the notary’s office also takes care of the drawing up of documents outside the working hours. To make sure that we can take care of your request, please contact our notary office by phone or send us an e-mail at

Can deeds be concluded outside the notary's office?

Yes, on request and with prior appointment we also travel outside the notary’s office to banks, companies, various institutions, as well as to elderly people or people who are unable to travel. The notary public can only travel in the jurisdiction of the Bucharest Tribunal (in any Sector in Bucharest).

What documents can be used to identify oneself before the notary public?

The notary public can establish the identity of the parties by (i) identity documents, identity document meaning the identity card, the simple identity card, the electronic identity card, the temporary identity card, which are valid, (ii) passports – for Romanian citizens residing abroad and foreign citizens or (iii) the certification of the lawyer assisting the party. Identification of the parties through documents or through a lawyer is not necessary if the notary public knows the parties personally.

Yes, the notary public has general competence in authentication matters and can conclude deeds of transfer or constitutive of real rights for real estate located anywhere in Romania.

What are the required documents for selling a property?

For the conclusion of a deed of alienation of a property, the following are generally required:

  • The identity documents of the parties;
  • The marriage certificates and marital agreements if applicable;
  • The title deeds of the property;
  • The cadastral documentation;
  • The conclusion of the registration in the land register;
  • The tax certificate issued by the local public authority where the property is located;
  • The certificate from the owners’ association and receipts proving the payment of utilities;
  • The energy performance certificate.

Depending on the specific situation of the property or of the parties, the notary public may also request other documents for the authentication of the deed.

Do you also draw up documents necessary abroad?

Yes, depending on the request, the team of the notary’s office collaborates with experts from other fields such as lawyers, translators, topographers, land register engineers, ANEVAR authorized appraisers, energy auditors, to solve your request. For more information in this regard, please contact our notary office by phone or send us an e-mail at: