Biroul Notarial Irina Antoniu


List of required documents

For the file of divorce with a minor child the following documents are required (in principle), and they must be presented in original copies at the date of signing the papers:

  • The marriage certificate;
  • The identity cards;
  • The child’s birth certificate;
  • The birth certificate of the spouses.


  • Both spouses personally file the request for the dissolution of marriage (or by a special authenticated power of attorney);
  • A reconciliation period of at least one month is granted. The term will be established by agreement between the parties;
  • The notary submits a letter to Child Welfare Authority of the sector to which the minor’s residence belongs so that it can carry out a child welfare investigation for the minor;
  • On the established date the following is issued: The Divorce Certificate;
  • On the established date an agreement regarding the minor  will also be signed, and, in principle, it will cover the following essential aspects:
    • Parental authority is exercised jointly by both spouses;
    • The minor’s residence. The minor who is 10 years old or older will be heard by a notary;
    • Share of contribution of the parent separated from the child to the expenses for the bringing up and education of the child;
    • Visiting schedule.