Biroul Notarial Irina Antoniu

Promissory agreements and bilateral promise to sell

The promissory agreement for the sale of a property, also called a bilateral promise to sell or pre-contract, is a deed concluded at a notary’s office in authentic form by which the owner of a property undertakes in relation to another person to sell it to that person in the future.

The promissory agreement can be concluded at any notary public in Romania, irrespective of the location of the property or the domicile of the parties.

List of required documents

For the authentication of the promissory agreement the following documents are required (in principle), and they must be presented in the original copies at the date of signing the papers:

  • The identity cards of the parties.

If one of the parties is unable to come to the notary’s office in person to sign the promissory agreement (e.g. is abroad/in the country), they can be represented at the notary’s office through a special power of attorney given at any notary public in Romania or, for Romanian citizens abroad, at the Romanian Consulate/Embassy.

  • The property deeds;
  • The land register excerpt for information purposes – it will be obtained by the notary’s office.